Editing the Journal during transition

  • Luigi F. Donà dalle Rose University of Padova, Italy
  • Anna Serbati University of Trento, Italy
Keywords: Tuning Journal mission, editorial process, HE database, generic and specific competences


Both authors express their gratefulness to the whole Tuning Academy and to the many colleagues who cooperated to their editorial experience. Moreover, revisiting that period, they present some new remarks and reflection on that “incredible 5-years journey”. Anna’s contribution focusses on three big added values, that – according to her editorial experience – TJHE offered (and offers) to the higher education community worldwide. Indeed, TJHE offers – in the first place – a platform of individual and collective reflection on the themes emerging in the international scenario; in the second place, it offers an inclusive international approach, the variety of countries represented by authors being very large; finally, it offers a reference database, since it collects a variety of scholarly experience, from more structured projects and reforms to local teaching innovation and scholarship of teaching and learning. In Lupo’s contribution, the focus is “a meditation on competences”, those which are the heart of the Tuning community. The contribution starts from a description of the different competences and roles, which occur in a well-structured editorial process (whose achievement was the aim of those 5 years). Such an example – in its particular context – shows the complementarity and the circularity of competences, qualities which are present even in more general contexts of human life. Moreover, this example leads to a deeper understanding of the splendour and magnificence, that the competences may generate.


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Author Biographies

Luigi F. Donà dalle Rose, University of Padova, Italy

Retired professor of the University of Padova, Italy. During the years 2015-2019 he was the Editor of the Tuning Journal for Higher Education. He holds a “laurea in Fisica” from the University of Padova, Italy (1964). He taught there since 1970 till 2011, being appointed as a professor in Theoretical Physics in 1980. He taught Statistical Mechanics, Solid State Physics, Many Body Theory, Quantum Physics. His research activities cover mainly: band theory of metals, quantum electron gas, heat transients by ultra-short laser pulses in metals, solid-liquid metal interface. Since 1995, he took interest in Physics education. From 1990 until 2015, he was Delegate and later Consultant of the Rector for European Student Mobility at the University of Padova, being also actively committed at grass-root level in Erasmus exchanges and several other European projects. He acted as Institutional co-ordinator for the University of Padova in T.I.M.E -Top Industrial Managers for Europe network (2002-2009). He was a member and expert of the Italian Team of Bologna experts along its whole duration (2004-2013). He was cofounder (1995) and member of the Steering Committee of EUPEN, a Socrates Thematic Network Project for Physics (later STEPS by EUPEN and STEPS TWO). He contributed to start the European Master in Human rights and Democratization (1995) and later on to develop the related procedure for awarding a joint degree/diploma. He was a member of the Coimbra Group Executive Board (2007-2013). Moreover, he was the coordinator of the project EMQT-Erasmus Mobility Quality Tools (2009- 2011). He has been an active participant in Tuning Educational Structures in Europe, being member of the Management Committee and co-Chair of the Tuning Physics Subject Area Group in Europe (2000-2008), He actively participated as Tuning expert in the project CoRe2 (2008-2010).

Anna Serbati, University of Trento, Italy

PhD (2010-2013) in Educational Sciences at the University of Padova (Italy) with a research focusing on adult, experiential learning, recognition of prior learning, competences assessment. She won a two-year post doc fellowship on faculty development (2014-2015), investigating approaches for teachers’ training, teaching and learning innovation, with specific focus on syllabus design, active learning methods and assessment of/for/as learning. She worked as assistant professor at the Department of Philosophy, Sociology, Education and Applied Psychology at University of Padova (2017-2020) and she is currently associate professor of Educational Research at the University of Trento (2021-current). She has collaborated and still collaborates with several international institutions as visiting scholar, visiting professor, and researcher in Erasmus+ projects. She served as assistant editor of Tuning Journal for Higher Education from 2015 to 2019 and she is currently a member of the Editorial Board. Her main research fields and interests are: higher and adult education; academic and professional development; educational innovation; syllabus design and constructive alignment; competences recognition and evaluation models; peer assessment and peer feedback in face to face and online contexts, assessment for learning, sustainable assessment.

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Donà dalle Rose, Luigi F., and Anna Serbati. 2023. “Editing the Journal During Transition”. Tuning Journal for Higher Education 11 (1), 25-32. https://doi.org/10.18543/tjhe.2877.

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