Editorial: From innovative experiences to wider visions in higher education

  • Luigi F. Donà dalle Rose University of Padova, Italy
  • Anna Serbati University of Padova, Italy


Nowadays, there is a growing awareness that higher education is called to help young people to develop their personal and professional future. The university mission is not only to increase opportunities for employability and for better matching of labour market requests and graduates’ skills, but also to prepare people to positively live in local and global communities as well as to actively contribute to personal and community well-being. Therefore, a more holistic approach to education is required, which overcomes the traditional idea of promoting logical, cognitive and linguistic intelligence and which promotes multiple intelligences, including emotional, interpersonal, creative skills. Scholarship of teaching and learning in higher education and educational research have shown that there is a variety of strategies and methods that can foster not only the development of knowledge, but also soft skills. This Issue offers some perspectives and innovative experiences in different subject areas within this framework and moves towards more general visions of educational issues.

Published online: 31 May 2018


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Luigi F. Donà dalle Rose, University of Padova, Italy

Editor TJHE

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Donà dalle Rose, Luigi F., and Anna Serbati. 2018. “Editorial: From Innovative Experiences to Wider Visions in Higher Education”. Tuning Journal for Higher Education 5 (2), 13-16. https://doi.org/10.18543/tjhe-5(2)-2018pp13-16.

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