• Mary Gobbi University of Southampton, UK
Keywords: higher education governance, individualised learning, COVID-19, online learning; generic competences


Since the last edition of the Journal, six months ago, the world has experienced not only the first wave of COVID 19, but for many countries they are now in the grip of the second wave. Universities in both hemispheres have returned to new semesters, with students experiencing more ‘online’ learning, outbreaks of COVID in university or local residences. The psychological and mental health consequences of no longer being able to live life in ‘close proximity’ means that our students have missed social events that formerly were an integral part of university enculturation. The acceleration of distance, virtual and other forms of ‘remote’ learning has provided an overnight transformation of the academy, with Faculty staff learning new skills and a new vocabulary as the curricula are reformed and reframed out of necessity.


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Author Biography

Mary Gobbi, University of Southampton, UK

Editor, Tuning Journal for Higher Education
Emeritus Professor, University of Southampton, UK

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Gobbi, Mary. 2020. “Editorial”. Tuning Journal for Higher Education 8 (1), 13-15. https://doi.org/10.18543/tjhe-8(1)-2020pp13-15.

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