• Mary Gobbi University of Southampton, UK
Keywords: student self-governance, higher education governance models, nursing competences, higher education harmonisation, individual efficacy, university staff development, lesson study model, student preparedness, refugee qualifications


Papers in this edition have considered the role of existing or new Tuning competences in aspects of governance. We must now question the extent to which the multi -faceted nature of the evolving trends in contemporary governance and self -governance are sufficiently included in our Tuning competences. Indeed, will it be timely post COVID to reappraise the very concepts of Governance itself? How can ‘evaluative’ governance occur in times of crisis when finding the time for analytical reflection is itself the challenge? Indeed, is there something to be learnt from models of ‘realistic/ pragmatic evaluation’?


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Mary Gobbi, University of Southampton, UK

Editor, Tuning Journal for Higher Education
Emeritus Professor, University of Southampton, UK

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Gobbi, Mary. 2020. “Introduction”. Tuning Journal for Higher Education 8 (1), 19-24.

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