• Mary Gobbi University of Southampton, UK
Keywords: staff development, on-line education, higher education strategies, competence, competitiveness


This Edition of the Journal comprises nine papers, of which six are concerned with strategic issues and /or the role and education of the academic teaching staff. The papers continue to reflect a varied range of participant countries both in terms of the authors, but perhaps more importantly the study sites (Europe, Czech Republic, Ghana, Kosovo, Malaysia, Mexico, Pakistan, Turkey, Ukraine, and Vietnam). Universities from both the state and private sector are represented, either through individual case studies or via large multi-site studies in subject areas, departments, or institutions. What we see in this edition is the extent to which transitions towards competence-based education, pace of technology adoption, staff preparedness, and student experience and perceptions impact upon students and teachers. This edition also provides some rich accounts of small-scale qualitative studies, included for their detailed outline of their respective methodologies. So, while the findings may not be generalisable with small samples, the methods used can be replicated to enable other institutions or similar contexts to engage in local based studies. We also need to recognise that not all degree programmes have large student populations, so finding strategies to evaluate and generate ideas for improvement is critical. Some papers have offered detailed reviews of the current evidence in the field related to the topic of interest. In contrast, larger studies demonstrate what can be achieved when transnational studies are examined for the underlying processes that can cross boundaries and provide exemplar models of good practice.


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Author Biography

Mary Gobbi, University of Southampton, UK

Emeritus Professor (University of Southampton, UK) and Editor of Tuning Journal for Higher Education since 2019. Professor Gobbi (PhD, MA Ed, Dip N ,Dip Ned, RN) has been Tuning Nursing co-ordinator since 2003 and is an expert educational developer and evaluator, with extensive national and international experience. These include projects within the European Union (e.g. technologies in healthcare training, on Sectoral Skills Councils for Nursing’; role and training of health care assistants; developing a European MSc in Advanced Rehabilitation Technologies,); South Sudan (developing standardized in service midwifery training)’; Germany and US (Leadership Competences for executive nurse leaders); Republic of Georgia (developing bachelors nurse education); and Canada (comparing EU and Canadian nurse education and advising on masters level standards). Mary has experience with different levels of education for nurses and other health care professionals (from care assistant to post doctoral level); and with different educational strategies and technologies (from the use of grading in practice, simulation and use of mobile technologies to improve critical care education and resuscitation performance using ‘smart technologies’). She has supervised 10 doctoral students to successful completion.

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