General Introduction

  • Mary Gobbi University of Southampton, UK
Keywords: elitism, reputation, outcome-based education, COVID 19, lifelong learning


The papers in this Edition of the Journal comprise five ‘general papers’ and five in the COVID 19 section. Together, the papers clearly illustrate our theme of ‘Resilience and responsiveness’. The general papers mark states of transition, whether student, staff, or institution; the capacity and ability of stakeholders to be responsive to trends and more importantly their resilience to unfolding circumstances. Examples of these transitions include, academics learning new ways of education (outcome-based education, measuring aspects of the Bologna Process); institutions sustaining historical models of education, mission, and strategies; students experiencing and reacting to changes in the educational experience as pedagogies, processes, modes of delivery and philosophies change around them. In the COVID-19 section, resilience and responsiveness are evident driven by the need to face the challenges of the moment and times.


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Author Biography

Mary Gobbi, University of Southampton, UK

Emeritus Professor (University of Southampton, UK) and Editor of Tuning Journal for Higher Education since 2019. Professor Gobbi (PhD, MA Ed, Dip N ,Dip Ned, RN) has been Tuning Nursing co-ordinator since 2003 and is an expert educational developer and evaluator, with extensive national and international experience. These include projects within the European Union (e.g. technologies in healthcare training, on Sectoral Skills Councils for Nursing’; role and training of health care assistants; developing a European MSc in Advanced Rehabilitation Technologies,); South Sudan (developing standardized in service midwifery training)’; Germany and US (Leadership Competences for executive nurse leaders); Republic of Georgia (developing bachelors nurse education); and Canada (comparing EU and Canadian nurse education and advising on masters level standards). Mary has experience with different levels of education for nurses and other health care professionals (from care assistant to post doctoral level); and with different educational strategies and technologies (from the use of grading in practice, simulation and use of mobile technologies to improve critical care education and resuscitation performance using ‘smart technologies’). She has supervised 10 doctoral students to successful completion.


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