Editorial: Regional responses to Higher Education world-wide challenges

  • Luigi F. Donà dalle Rose University of Padova, Italy
  • Anna Serbati University of Padova, Italy


In thisIssuewe present firstly the answers given so far by Latin America to the challenge of Quality Assurance, with an eye to the perspective involved in a possible forthcoming transition toa secondgeneration of QA programs. We then present a “sub-regional” spinoff effect of the AHELO project, involving higher education institutions of Japan and Indonesia, willing to test, with an appropriate tool, the achieved learning outcomes of their students of mechanical engineering (master level). Finally, we present three articles from three African countries – Morocco, Ethiopia, and Tanzania – which deal with different facets of the complex challenge of the relationship between higher education and job market, here inflected in terms of job access, graduates’ wages, employability and actual employment after a competence-based learning path. The last article in thisIssue,focused on a specific aspect of the above landscape of answers to major challenges, investigates the relationship between algebraic competences with emotional intelligence.

Published online
: 30 November 2017


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Luigi F. Donà dalle Rose, University of Padova, Italy

Editor TJHE

Anna Serbati, University of Padova, Italy

Assistant Editor TJHE

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Donà dalle Rose, Luigi F., and Anna Serbati. 2017. “Editorial: Regional Responses to Higher Education World-Wide Challenges”. Tuning Journal for Higher Education 5 (1), 13-17. https://doi.org/10.18543/tjhe-5(1)-2017pp13-17.