Tuning in Higher Education: Ten years on

  • Julia María González Ferreras Education of an Interdependent World (EDIW), Belgium
  • Robert Wagenaar University of Groningen, International Tuning Academy, Netherlands
Keywords: Tuning Project, measuring and comparing achievements of learning outcomes in higher education in Europe (CALOHEE), qualifications (reference) frameworks, OECD assessment of higher education outcomes


When the first issue of the Tuning Journal for Higher Education was published in November 2013, the Tuning initiative had become of global significance, running projects in all continents. These all focussed on curriculum reform backed up by an internationally defined approach based on the paradigm of outcome based, that is, student-centred and active learning, in addition to agreed reference points. Around the same time, the Tuning aims and objectives were extended. This reset followed societal and technical developments. More emphasis was put on social inclusions, the involvement of students, identifying relevant topics, and to the development of practical tools. Also, more attention has been given to staff development responding to the notion that the modernisation of the higher education sector as well as the reform of degree programmes proved to be rather slow and a bit disappointing. To boost the process, Tuning – very recently - developed general Qualifications Reference Frameworks for all learning cycles as well as a Guideline to use these for Quality Assurance. For five disciplinary fields it also developed transnational diagnostic tests as a means to identify shortcomings in degree programmes, pushing for change. As a result, Tuning has reinvented itself to stay highly relevant for the years to come.


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Author Biographies

Julia María González Ferreras, Education of an Interdependent World (EDIW), Belgium

PhD, is former vice-rector of the University of Deusto, Bilbao (ES) and former director of the Deusto branch of the International Tuning Academy. At present, she is the president of Education of an Interdependent World (EDIW). EDIW is a European NGO and an international network of learning communities of young people and professionals, committed to building an interdependent, inclusive, humane and sustainable world.

Robert Wagenaar, University of Groningen, International Tuning Academy, Netherlands

PhD, is a Professor of History and Politics of Higher Education and Director of the International Tuning Academy at the University of Groningen (NL). The Academy is an education and research centre with focus on the reform of higher education programmes. Since 2005 he is the President of a Consortium of 12 universities that offer the successful two-years Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree Society, Politics and Culture in Global Context: Euroculture. His research interest is in higher education innovation and policy making.


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