Evaluation of the teaching practice course carried out with the Lesson Study Model

Keywords: lesson study, teaching practice, professional development, pre-service teacher, action research


The purpose of this research was to evaluate the teaching practice process carried out with the lesson study model. In this research “action research” approach was adopted. The study group of the research consisted of four Turkish Language and Literature pre-service teachers. Lesson study was carried out in nine weeks of the teaching practice course. Qualitative data collection techniques such as observation, unstructured focus group interview, and document review were used as data collection techniques. Pre-service teacher course observation forms obtained before the lesson study process, course plans, reflective diary forms, peer observation forms and student opinion forms obtained during the lesson study application process were analyzed with descriptive analysis method. At the end of the lesson study process, focus group interview data and letters written by pre-service teachers were analyzed by content analysis method. At the end of the research, it was seen that pre-service teachers’ perception of teaching profession changed in line with student-centered understanding. It has been determined that pre-service teachers personally develop in terms of multi-faceted thinking, problem solving, self-confidence and patience and also improve professionally on issues such as coping with students, preparing plans, and producing activities.

Received: 14 April 2020
Accepted: 22 October 2020


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Author Biographies

Şeyma Şahin, Ministry of Education, Turkey

Received her PhD degree from Duzce University, Institute of Social Sciences, Curriculum and Instruction program. She works on student-centred education, program development, teaching methods and techniques, values education, democracy and human rights. Currently she works as a teacher of Religious Culture and Moral Knowledge Course in a secondary school affiliated with the Ministry of Education. Mail: seyymasahin@gmail.com

Abdurrahman Kılıç, Duzce University, Turkey

Works as a professor at Educational Sciences department of Faculty of Education, Duzce University, Turkey. He works on teacher training, curriculum development, teaching methods and techniques, values education, democracy and human rights, measurement and evaluation, etc. Mail: abdurrahmankilic@duzce.edu.tr


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