Service quality as the source of competitive advantage in higher education: The difference between students´ expectations and perceptions

  • Renata Skýpalová Ambis College, a.s. Brno, Czech Republic
  • Helena Chládková Mendel University in Brno, Czech Republic
  • Chijioke Esogwa Nwachukwu Covenant University, Nigeria
  • Hieu Minh Vu Van Lang University, Vietnam
Keywords: higher education institution, service quality, student satisfaction, SERVQUAL model, competitive advantage


The aim of this paper is to measure and compare the quality of services provided by higher education institutions in the Czech Republic and Vietnam. It is not the sheer volume of services offered, but their quality, which matters as a strategic tool enhancing the competitiveness in the tertiary education market. Feedback from student-clients is valuable to school management in their efforts to improve the services supplied. Samples of hundreds of students from the Czech Republic and Vietnam were involved in the research applying the SERVQUAL method. The five-dimensional questionnaire was administered, and the obtained data were analysed using descriptive statistics and t-test. The results show that Czech respondents are less satisfied with the service quality than their Vietnamese counterparts. In both countries, the quality perception in all dimensions was lower than expectations, the largest gaps being found in the Assurance dimension. Czech students placed the greatest emphasis on the Empathy factor, while their Vietnamese colleagues preferred the Tangibles dimension. To improve the quality of services, higher education institutions in the Czech Republic are advised to facilitate fast and unambiguous information transfer, ensuring comfort, security, and a supportive learning environment for students, with helpful staff willing to address their concerns.

Received: 3 January 2023
Accepted: 28 November 2023


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Author Biographies

Renata Skýpalová, Ambis College, a.s. Brno, Czech Republic

PhD in Economics and Management is an assistant professor at Ambis College, a.s. in Brno in the Czech Republic. She achieved her doctoral degree in 2014 at the Faculty of Business and Economics of Mendel University in Brno in the field of Economics and Management with the title of the dissertation thesis: Corporate Social Responsibility concept. She is the Head of the Department of Management and human resources. Her research interests include human resource management, employer branding, small and medium enterprises competitiveness, and human resource development. She publishes mainly in the field of corporate social responsibility, and human resources management. She currently teaches human resources management, leadership, education and development management, and methods of personal works at Ambis College. She also has experience in conducting bachelor’s and master’s theses. She is actively involved in research projects in the Czech Republic and abroad, focusing on Corporate social responsibility (Visegrad fond), Policy Coherence, Metropolitan cooperation between cities.

Helena Chládková, Mendel University in Brno, Czech Republic

Associate professor at Mendel University in Brno in the Czech Republic. She received her habitation in 2013 at the Faculty of Business and Economics of Mendel University in Brno in the field of Economics and Management with the title of habitation thesis: The role of the environment in the development of small and medium-sized enterprises. She is the Deputy Head of the Management Department. Her research interests include quality management, performance management, strategic management, SME competitiveness and human resource development. She publishes mainly in the field of business competitiveness and business performance. She is also interested in the processing industry, viticulture, and winemaking. She currently teaches general management, business management and integrated management at four faculties of Mendel University in Brno. She also has experience in conducting bachelor’s, experts, and rigorous theses. Under her leadership, 84 bachelor’s theses, 47 diploma theses and 7 dissertations were successfully defended.

Chijioke Esogwa Nwachukwu, Covenant University, Nigeria

International visiting scholar at Covenant University Ota Nigeria. He has over 15 years of industry and teaching experience in Nigeria, Czech Republic, and Mexico. His research interest falls within general management, strategic management, and entrepreneurship. He obtained his Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Business Management and Economics from Mendel University in Brno. He has a number of scientific publications to his credit.

Hieu Minh Vu, Van Lang University, Vietnam

He is currently employed as a full-time lecturer at the Faculty of Business Administration at Van Lang University in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. His expertise and research focus are on general management, strategic management, tourism management, sustainable tourism development and human resources management. He has over 16 years of industry and teaching experience in Vietnam. He obtained his Doctoral (PhD) in Business Management and Economics from the Mendel University in Brno. He has a number of scientific publications to his credit.


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