Incremental steps towards a competency-based
post-secondary education system in Ontario

Mary Catharine Lennon

About Author


 Mary Catharine Lennon ( is a PhD Candidate at the University of Toronto (Canada). She has led projects on establishing and measuring learning outcomes including a ‘Tuning’ project with three sectors of academic disciplines, and was the Canadian National Expert and National Project Manager for the OECD’s AHELO Feasibility Study. Mary Catharine is also co-editor of ’Measuring the Value of Postsecondary Education’, a collection of international examples of learning outcome activities published by McGill-Queens University Press. She has been involved in higher education policy development, advice and research in provincial, inter-provincial and international educational agencies including the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario, the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada, and the Association of Commonwealth Universities. The majority of her work extends towards international and comparative system level policy issues in postsecondary education including system design, quality assurance, learning outcomes, governance and assessment.