Global generic competences with local ownership:
a comparative study from the perspective
of graduates in four world regions

Pablo Beneitone and Edurne Bartolomé

About Authors


   Pablo Beneitone ( is Director of Tuning International Academy at the University of Deusto (Spain). During most of his professional and academic career since 1994 onwards, he has been responsible for managing international higher education projects at university and national level. At the University of Deusto he was Project Manager of Tuning Latin America and Tuning Africa, and was involved in other regional programmes, Russia, China, and Europe, supported by European Commission. He has published extensively on the ‘Tuning Methodology’ and given Tuning-related conference presentations in more than 25 countries. Mr. Beneitone holds a Bachelor degree in International Relations and a Master in International Cooperation from Universidad del Salvador (Argentine). His doctoral research focuses on the internationalisation of curriculum.


   Edurne Bartolomé Peral ( is sociologist and political scientist. She has a PhD in Political Science and Sociology from the University of Deusto (Spain) where she currently works as a lecturer at the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences. Since 2002, she has been doing research on social values on comparative perspective in a European project called “EUROPEAN VALUES STUDY”. She has collaborated in various research projects at the Spanish and European level, and she is currently principal investigator of a research project on social trust in out-groups funded by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. She has been visiting scholar to international universities and she is currently developing the research component of the Deusto International Tuning Academy. Dr. Bartolomé is author of several publications on social values and comparative political culture.